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Introduction to Medical Devices

For individuals interested in learning about the 'Medical Devices Industry' and organisations whose staff need to be able to operate medical devices confidently.

Duration: 2 CPD Hours


The global medical devices industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $250 billion annually and employs hundreds of thousands of people internationally (over 400,000 people in Europe alone).

Healthcare reform and regulation changes due to industry consolidation, outsourcing of manufacturing and pressure from emerging markets such as Brazil and China have all played a role in the evolution of this highly competitive sector.

Increased competition from pharma companies moving into medical devices has also put pressure on the availability of these key skills and means that people with highly desirable skill sets are increasingly in demand.

ePharma Global are offering an on-line Introduction to Medical Device course. This course can be taken as a stand alone course or in combination with our online Clinical Research Associate or Clinical Project Manager courses.

For Organistions: Essential Medical Devices Training

Healthcare professionals, Sales representatives, Clinical Research Staff, all need to be able to operate medical devices confidently.

ePharma Global Training allows field representatives to build invaluable relationships with healthcare professionals.

ePharma Global provide educational learning for medical devices.

  • We can create training programs for both the field and healthcare practitioners (and even patients).
  • We can add marketing messages into training programs to maximize marketing goals.
  • We can prepare additional education, or "advanced certification," for various levels of device capabilities training on your behalf


Course description:


Following this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise key concepts and terms associated with medical device requirements
  • Be able to Identify key differences between the U.S. and European systems
  • Have Knowledge of where to seek additional information on these topics if needed



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